For the last year or so we were working out of a shared incubator space in the “Dog patch” neighborhood of San Francisco. While we enjoyed our time there, we’ve grown into a company of over 18 team members and have no plans to slow down. Thus, in early July 2019, it was time to upgrade!

We just completed our move to a huge (dare we say mammoth-size) new space in South San Francisco – Mammoth 2.0. At our recent lab warming party, we talked to Mammoth team members to learn why they’re excited to be in the new space. Read on to learn what the move means for Mammoth’s future!

More space for more research and development

One of our many new bench spaces at Mammoth 2.0.

While standing in front of a diligently pipetting lab robot, Mammoth CEO Trevor Martin remarked that he was excited about the ability to move quickly on a variety of projects at Mammoth 2.0. In the new space, Mammoth team members no longer have to rely on community equipment and resources. They have much more freedom to push their projects forward. This sentiment was reflected by many team members. One of them even commented, “We now have unlimited space and access to equipment for our experiments.”

Needless to say, the new lab space is a far cry from the cozy quarters of the incubator. In real terms we have more than a five fold increase in lab space. We’ll be utilizing all that space to accelerate our experiments, try out new CRISPR diagnostic designs, and bring our full creativity to bare!

Not to be outdone by the lab, our office space is also much bigger. Chief of Staff Julie Choe summed up the size upgrade perfectly saying, “so much space! And doors! And rooms!” In the new space it’s much easier to call quick meetings for important convos and bounce ideas off each another.

Even the seating arrangements are drastically improved in the new office. While Mammoth team members were scattered throughout the incubator, we’re all consolidated into a single, open office space at Mammoth 2.0. This provides a greater sense of community and makes it easy to communicate across the whole company!

The views!

View from the Mammoth 2.0 kitchen space. Excuse the reflection, but that lets you know it’s real!

Anyone who’s worked in a lab knows that, while sometimes necessary, being stuck at a bench with no windows can be a bit stifling. All lab and office spaces at Mammoth 2.0 have enormous windows overlooking the hills and mountains of South San Francisco. After an intense round of pipetting or computing, a quick look up at the beauty of the Bay Area can be invigorating.

During a recent work break, some team members even spotted a tribe of goats grooming a nearby hillside. Such views get team members talking and help build upon the fun atmosphere that keeps us innovative.

Ooooo the amenities

As was recently mentioned in our #MammothCareerSeries on instagram, we’ve been providing Mammoth team members with their favorite snacks and drinks since our start, but we’ve really upped our game at Mammoth 2.0. In the new space, we have access to a free cafe, free lunch, a gym, and more. As team member Bridget McKay mentioned, the new amenities “have been great for feeling more of a work-life balance even at work!”

Looking toward the future

With all the space, views, and amenities at Mammoth 2.0, we’re more excited than ever to dive into the development of CRISPR diagnostics. In the new space, it will be much easier for us to flex our creative muscles and grow as a company. Come join us!

Learn about the importance of “Point-of-Need” diagnostics for infectious disease!

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