Moving the CRISPR platform to the next level together

We are building on our expertise discovering and developing novel CRISPR proteins – translating our extensive CRISPR portfolio into cutting edge applications. We are excited to explore deep partnerships that bring complementary skills to generate the most advanced CRISPR-Cas applications that positively impact people’s lives across therapeutics and diagnostics.

The Mammoth Vision

Mammoth Biosciences is harnessing the diversity of nature to power the next generation of CRISPR products. Through its discovery of novel CRISPR systems, the company is enabling the full potential of its platform to read and write the code of life. With a distinguished team including co-founder and CRISPR-Cas genome editing co-inventor Jennifer Doudna, Mammoth is addressing challenges across healthcare, agriculture, environmental monitoring, biodefense, and more.

Ready for action

We have pioneered a novel approach to discovering Cas proteins. The needs of biopharma may be different from the needs of agriculture and that’s okay. Our CRISPR platform can be used across many industries such as healthcare, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and more. Our approach is rapid, agile and flexible.

  • Healthcare

    Infectious disease detection, cancer genotyping, inherited disease screening

  • Agriculture

    CRISPR diagnostics and genome editing in crops and livestock

  • Drug Discovery/Therapeutics

    Cell line editing, Cell and Gene Therapy, Drug Discovery Research

  • Food Security

    Bacterial and viral contamination, species identification

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Detection of specific organisms in environmental samples and rapid response to emerging diseases

  • Biothreats

    Detection of harmful biological agents and forensic genotyping

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