The CRISPR-based detection platform

Our revolutionary method for molecular diagnostics, enabling limitless testing possibilities.

  • Simple

    Molecular-based diagnosis

    Our CRISPR-powered diagnostics provide unambiguous results in an instrument-free and disposable format.

  • Fast

    Results within 20 minutes

    Signal amplification by CRISPR accelerates target detection and is compatible with multiple sample matrices.

  • Programmable

    Construct a test for any target

    DETECTR® can be quickly tailored to identify any DNA or RNA target using our CRISPR nuclease toolbox and gRNA design pipeline.

DETECTR® Platform

A search engine for biology.

DETECTR® searches for the presence of specific nucleic acids in a sample that are indicative of disease, providing actionable clinical information.

Our proprietary testing system works by employing CRISPR nucleases, programmed to find a defined gene sequence. Upon finding the sequence of interest, the nuclease activates a cleavage capability, which generates a signal. The signal confirms the sequence has been found.

At Mammoth we’re bringing CRISPR out of the lab and into everyday life.

Greater access to disease detection in a variety of locations.

Affordable and timely molecular detection is needed in hospitals, point of care settings, and homes. Our DETECTR® platform can be integrated into different products by ourselves or our partners with an expansive test menu.

Diagnostic Applications

  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP)

  • Bacterial Infections

  • Cancer Screening and Profiling

  • Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Viral Infections


Let’s work together

Please get in touch with us about how your company or organization would like to revolutionize disease detection using our DETECTR® or DETECTR BOOST® platforms.

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