The CRISPR-based detection platform

Our revolutionary method for molecular diagnostics, enabling limitless testing possibilities.

  • Simple

    Molecular-based diagnosis

    Our CRISPR-powered diagnostics provide unambiguous results in an instrument-free and disposable format.

  • Fast

    Results within 20 minutes

    Signal amplification by CRISPR accelerates target detection and is compatible with multiple sample matrices.

  • Programmable

    Construct a test for any target

    DETECTR can be quickly tailored to identify any DNA or RNA target using our CRISPR nuclease toolbox and gRNA design pipeline.


A search engine for biology.

DETECTRTM searches for the presence of specific nucleic acids in a sample that are indicative of disease, providing actionable clinical information.

Our proprietary testing system works by employing CRISPR nucleases, programmed to find a defined gene sequence. Upon finding the sequence of interest, the nuclease activates a cleavage capability, which generates a signal. The signal confirms the sequence has been found.

At Mammoth we’re bringing CRISPR out of the lab and into everyday life.

Greater access to disease detection in a variety of locations.

Affordable and timely molecular detection is needed in hospitals, point of care settings, and homes. Our DETECTR platform can be integrated into different products by ourselves or our partners with an expansive test menu.

Diagnostic Applications

  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP)

  • Bacterial Infections

  • Cancer Screening and Profiling

  • Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Viral Infections


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