High science that delivers.

Developing in vivo gene editing therapeutics to transform patient lives.


Permanent cures through in vivo CRISPR-based precision editing

Leveraging novel CRISPR-Cas enzymes and innovative technologies from our protein discovery and engineering platform.

Image representing Cas14 and CasPhi cutting DNA as part of the genome editing process

Protein Discovery and Engineering

Discovering and engineering novel CRISPR-Cas systems and editing strategies

Our fundamental innovations on CRISPR cargo size and novel editing modalities are designed to overcome the delivery challenges for in vivo gene editing and beyond.


The CRISPR-based detection platform

Our revolutionary method for molecular diagnostics, enabling limitless testing possibilities.

About Us

Hi, we’re Mammoth.

We are scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who are building the CRISPR platform to deliver on the full promise of genetic medicine.

With a distinguished team including co-founder and CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna, we are investing deeply in novel science to overcome the grand challenges of the CRISPR field and meet unmet patient needs for serious diseases.

We’re Hiring

Join us to build Next-Generation CRISPR Cures

We are looking for energetic, creative and talented people who like challenges. We invite you to join us.