The CRISPR-based platform for disease detection

Mammoth’s vision is to provide a CRISPR-based platform on which an infinite number of tests can be built by both ourselves and our partners - democratizing access to an endless variety of tests for bio sensing in healthcare, as well as across industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, forensics, and more.




A straightforward, disposable test provides easy-to-interpret results.

Put molecular-level diagnosis at your fingertips.



Diagnostic enzymes catalyze rapid and accurate detection. 

Get results in 30 minutes.



CRISPR proteins can be quickly trained to find any DNA- or RNA- based targets.

Build a test for any target.

The Mammoth CRISPR Platform


At Mammoth we're bringing CRISPR out of the lab and into everyday life.

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Areas Of Interest

CRISPR diagnostics can solve a variety of clinical, agricultural, and industrial problems. Check out our blog to learn how Mammoth’s technologies will impact areas ranging from health care to bioterrorism.


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