Protein Discovery

Discovering novel CRISPR systems

We are addressing the current challenges of CRISPR-Cas systems and expanding the scope of use by applying our proprietary discovery platform to identify novel Cas proteins.

How We Do It

Discovery Process

Our protein discovery process involves an in-silico analysis from exclusive metagenomic databases and machine learning algorithms to search for CRISPR systems. High-throughput in vivo screening is used to identify the CRISPR protein characteristics and function. Together, the newly identified Cas proteins create a diverse toolkit that enables new CRISPR applications.

  • Microbial DNA is sequenced from environmental samples
  • “Metagenomic” sequences are compiled in databases
  • Algorithms are used to search databases for sequences indicative of CRISPR systems
  • CRISPR systems are synthesized and tested in the lab

Our Technology

CRISPR Toolkit

We have identified Cas enzymes that have unique properties including increased temperature stability, faster reaction kinetics, alternative PAM sequences resulting in more flexible targeting and smaller protein size which opens up new cell delivery options.

These properties can be leveraged resulting in faster and more sensitive molecular diagnostic tests and provide efficient delivery of DNA inserts for cell and gene therapies.


Let’s work together

We are discovering novel CRISPR systems addressing the current challenges and expanding the use of CRISPR in diagnostics, genome editing, genome modulation, and beyond. We are exploring partnerships that add complementary skills and know-how to leverage these novel proteins to deliver on the promise of the groundbreaking CRISPR technology.

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