Mammoth Co-founder and CEO, Trevor Martin, was recently interviewed by the folks at the Biotech2050 podcast. In this fantastic interview, Trevor chronicles his journey to becoming Mammoth’s CEO, clues us in to some of the near and long-term projects he’s excited about at Mammoth, and provides advice for anyone hoping to build a successful biotech company.

Trevor is passionate about developing CRISPR diagnostics that will enable appropriate treatment through early detection and CRISPR therapeutics that will provide real cures to people with genetic diseases. He has worked hard to ensure that all the members of the Mammoth team are aligned on our mission to develop the next generation of CRISPR products and address real-world challenges across healthcare, agriculture, environmental monitoring, biodefense, and more.

Check out the podcast here to learn more about Trevor and how he drives Mammoth to achieve meaningful impacts on people’s lives!

Biotech 2050 Podcast · 106. Next-Gen CRISPR applications, Trevor Martin, Co-founder & CEO, Mammoth Biosciences