Genome Editing

Enhanced genome editing with an expanded CRISPR toolkit

Our CRISPR-Cas systems provide unprecedented power to edit the genome.

Image representing Cas14 and CasPhi cutting DNA as part of the genome editing process
  • Expanded Targeting

    Edit more of the genome

    With alternative and shorter PAM requirements, newly discovered nucleases can direct edits to an expanded set of DNA sequences.

  • Flexible Delivery

    Expand delivery options

    The small sizes of our Cas14 and CasΦ nucleases overcome the limitations to viral and non-viral delivery methods experienced with Cas9.

  • Higher Fidelity

    Reduce off-target effects

    Our nucleases can bind to DNA and RNA targets with high fidelity. They perform edits more accurately in the correct places.

Cas14 and CasΦ Families

Enabling new possibilities.

Our novel Cas nucleases enable genome editing results that might not be possible with other Cas nucleases.

Newly discovered CRISPR-Cas systems are strong candidates for genome editing due to their small size and unique PAM (protospacer adjacent motif) requirements. Using our protein discovery workflow, we have and continue to identify variants with flexibility to cut single or double-stranded DNA or RNA or to be used with novel DNA or RNA modifying modalities.

Domain organization of Cas14a and CasΦ-2 compared to commonly used variants of Cas9 and Cas12 with the nuclease domains (RuvC and HNH) indicated. Protein lengths are drawn to scale.

Length distribution of Cas14a–c and CasΦ systems compared to Cas12a-e and Cas9.

Therapeutic Applications

CRISPR has been used to address many needs in a number of therapeutic applications.

  • Immuno-Oncology

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Liver Diseases

  • Hematology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Neurology

  • Neuromuscular Diseases

  • Cardiovascular


Let’s work together

We are currently exploring partnerships with companies adding complementary skills to leverage these new proteins in genome editing and therapeutic applications and deliver on the promise of this groundbreaking CRISPR technology.

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